The British Library Rules
Critical Design, User-Centred Design

In response to a brief set by ARUP to ‘activate the non-user of the British Library’, a team of us focussed on the library’s strict and uncompromising set of rules and regulations and how they inhibit non-users. We developed and ran multiple iterations of ‘The British Library Rule Induction Programme’, performing to and engaging members of the public with a series of interactive objects tailored to inform and educate non-users on the library’s rules and the importance of upholding them.

Participants that successfully pass the induction with a high “user score” and sufficient knowledge and respect regarding the rules are given the status of an unofficial user of the British Library and trusted protector of its extensive collection.

Designers: Stan Bidston-Casey, Clemmie Cheng, Ellie Davies, Emma Irwin, Jo Lockwood & Jack Lowerson

© Jo Lockwood