Title: The British Library Rules
Work: Critical Design, User-Centred Design
Designers: Stan Bidston-Casey, Clemmie Cheng, Ellie Davies, Emma Irwin, Jo Lockwood & Jack Lowerson
Date: 2019

In response to a brief set by ARUP to ‘activate the non-user of the British Library’, a team of us focussed on the library’s strict and uncompromising set of rules and regulations and how they inhibit non-users. We developed and ran multiple iterations of ‘The British Library Rule Induction Programme’, performing to and engaging members of the public with a series of interactive objects tailored to inform and educate non-users on the library’s rules and the importance of upholding them.

Participants that successfully pass the induction with a high “user score” and sufficient knowledge and respect regarding the rules are given the status of an unofficial user of the British Library and trusted protector of its extensive collection.

© Jo Lockwood