Speculative and Performance Design

The year is 2050; 5 years after the world-changing event of the technological singularity. Humano-digital integration has allowed for humans to upgrade their physical existence by downloading their own digital consciousness. Parity, a ground-breaking info tech company, have just announced exciting new optimisations for their digital conscience software. Users can now enjoy an expanded in-built storage system to reduce cognitive activity spent on everyday, meaningless tasks, efficiently powered by energy wasted from their own reflexes.

Presenting ourselves as the company’s founders, the performance is frustratingly ambiguous and provocative, leaving it very much up to the audience to question our ethics as a company and draw their own questions and conclusions about our absurd fictional yet frightenly real world.

Designers: Kirsten Basso, Stan Bidston-Casey, Tatyana Eastap-Johnson, Kwang Kim & Jo Lockwood

© Jo Lockwood